About us

How we make them

To ensure you get the maximum ‘Mmmm’ in every bite, all our cake pops are freshly made to order. We use only the finest ingredients, including free range eggs from a local supplier. We never use cake mixes!

Great care and dedication is given to all our cake pops, from the initial baking process right though to finishing and packing your order.

Eight simple steps

  • Stage 1: Prepare the cake to our favourite recipe
  • Stage 2: Crumble the cooled cake.
  • Stage 3: Combine the cake crumbs with frosting to create a smooth consistency
  • Stage 4: Roll approximately 1oz of mixture into balls and let stand
  • Stage 5: Dip approximately 2cm of stick into the melted candy, insert into the cakeball and allow to set
  • Stage 6: Dip into melted candy, allowing the excess to fall away.
  • Stage 7: Sprinkle with chosen decorations
  • Stage 8: Enjoy!

If you have found this a little more tricky and not quite as easy as it sounds; your cake balls have dropped off, gone lumpy or splt, don't worry, buy them from us and let us deal with the tricky bits.

Insides a cake pop