2013, Different ideas, new requests

"BRIT AWARDS" comes to Yorkshire! - Ipsy Doodle Cake Pop Factory sends Cake pops to Londons Brit Awards.  What a fantastic way for everyone to sample these beautiful truffle cakes!

Sheep, Hens, Cows, Hedgehog's? No problem. But a Camel, Dalek or Chandelier and Elephant? Requests for different characters continue to be made!

Chief Ipsy is up to the challenge and is focused on preparing some new Pops including a camel (one hump or two?). The sheep we made for Denmark delivery arrived but didn't last long, as designed. Cake Pops sent to Greece didn't melt and Pops sent to Jersey didn't have time to visit France.

Our cake pops can be delivered pretty much anywhere but of course most are delivered in the UK. Distance is not really a problem and as we bake daily we can react quickly to most things you would need. Give us a try. Contact us through the order system and we will do the  rest.

We will try to come up with a Cake Pop for any theme, give us a call.

Cake pop display